About the Raja Ampat UPTD

As a conservation area, the Raja Ampat Regency deems it important to manage the area professionally and sustainably for the preservation of the surrounding environment. This effort was commenced with a pioneering Technical Implementation Unit Office of the Technical Management Authority (UPTD) within the Department of Marine and Fisheries of Raja Ampat.

One of the UPTD's strategy to ensure financial sustainability of marine protected areas in Raja Ampat, was the implementation of a Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD), which allows the agency to flexibly use non-tax government revenues generated by tariff charges to cover management costs. The committment of this management unit is secured under the Raja Ampat Regent Decree No. 61 of 2014. This is the first and only conservation area in Indonesia to implement the BLUD system.

Efforts undertaken include zone regulations, zonation patrols, increasing public conservation awareness, encouraging sustainable tourism activities and increasing the economic benefits of conservation for local communities. These efforts require huge funding and can not be fully supported by the Raja Ampat government's financing capacity. 

With the financial mechanism of the Public Service Board (BLUD), the Raja Ampat district government can, via the UPTD, ensure management of the conservation area that is effective, efficient and professional to secure environmental protection and the satisfaction of tourists who can enjoy the natural beauty of Raja Ampat's marine protected areas.


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