Marine Life

Boasting phenomenally high concentrations of marine species, including iconic mega fauna such as whale sharks, manta rays and sea turtles, Raja Ampat’s crystalline waters that are situated at the heart of the Coral Triangle are extremely diverse. To date, researchers and scientists have identified over 1750+ species of reef fish and 600+ species of coral - a higher species count than any other area in the world of the same size! Over 15 species of whales and  dolphins have been sighted in Raja Ampat, and at least 3 species of sea turtles are found regularly nesting on certain beaches. The area also boasts extensive mangrove forest and sea grass beds, which support dugongs, juvenile fish, saltwater crocodiles and provide protection and food for the indigenous communities. With new species being discovered yearly, Raja Ampat really seems to be the global epicenter of marine biodiversity.