Community Fund

Community Fund

To ensure the communities in and around Raja Ampat's MPAs benefit from conservation, at least $ 1.5 billion rupiah are set aside from the Environmental Service revenue annually, to support economic development, education, health and community services across Raja Ampat via the Community Fund. The distribution of these funds, is intended to gain the support and participation of Raja Ampat communities in conservation activities.

As much as 95% of the Community Fund is distributed across villages, for use by village community groups or the village government, while 5% is allocated to community groups that are dispersed across several villages (community group members or activities in more than one village). The Community Fund can be used for economic, social, and environmental projects that are focused on building capacity, improved procurement of materials, equipment, as well as training.

All the villages in the district of Raja Ampat are allocated a portion of the Community Fund based on the category of the village. For the fiscal year 2015, all the villages received the basic allocation of Rp 2.500.000, -. The villages located within the conservation area received an additional allocation of about Rp 12 million, while the villages outside but still adjacent adjacent to the conservation area (buffer zone), also received an additional allocation of approximately Rp 9.375 million, -. All villages in these categories, received an additional allocation of approximately Rp 3.800.000, -, if they became a tourist destination. Thus, the allocation of funds for each village ranged from Rp 2.5 million to Rp 18.4 million, - per year.

To access the village-based Community Fund, the entire village community comes together, led by the village head and community leaders and facilitated by the UPTD Economic Outreach team, and together they formulate activities to be funded. Cross-village Community Funds are distributed through the a small-grants mechanism, in which projects are required to submit proposals. Except for scholarships that support graduate programs, the Community Fund is not distributed in cash, but in goods or services.

The above described allocation and distribution mechanism of the Community Fun, is based on the decree No. 18 of 2014, and was the result of lengthy discussions and consultations with all stakeholders including the Regional Government, the District Government, the village Government, Members of Parliament, community/village leaders, and the tourism sector. The design of the Community Fund is intended to provide funds that can be effectively and efficiently be used in the villages to implement projects providing benefits for the local community.

Community Fund Program


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