Safety Tips for Divers
We strongly advise you to pay close attention to your own safety as well as that of your fellow divers, during your dives in Raja Ampat's waters. Raja Ampat is a wild place, so please note the following:                                                                                                            

Consider the weather conditions when you are planning to dive. Raja Ampat experiences harsh weather conditions in the off-season (Eastern-Monsoon), with big waves.  Be aware of the current's speed and strength. At certain locations, the current is known to be extremely strong and dangerous. 
Be aware that dangerous and wild animals inhabit these waters, including salt-water Crocodiles, particularly in and around mangrove forests and river estuaries. 

Ensure that you follow all the standard diving safety procedures.


Be aware and realistic of your health condition and your abilities, especially regarding your diving skills and experience. 

Listen to the instructions your guide or dive instructor gives you, and always use a local guide who knows the area and its conditions well. 


Have an emergency plan and ensure your dive operator has an emergency plan. 

Ensure that you are adequately covered by your insurance.


General Tourist Safety Tips 
Activities in nature, no matter how easy, will always involve a saftey risk. For your own safety, be aware of the following: 

Consider the weather conditions during your trip. Raja Ampat can experience adverse weather conditions and big waves during the off-season (Eastern-Monsoon).  Always wear a life jacket when you are on a boat, or in the water. 
Be careful when climbing to high points without any safety measures - in the rain these can get very slippery and dangerous.  Wear appropriate clothing and shoes that protect your body. 
Be aware of your physical condition before doing any activities on land or in water.  Be aware of dangerous animals, do not touch or step on anything, some may have deadly stings! 
Always listen to your guide's instructions. If you are unsure about the safety of something, ask your guide, and be sure to use a local guide who knows and understands the area well.  Ensure you have brought enough water and food on your activities, and a first aid kit. 
Ensure you are adequately covered by your insurance.