MPA Patrol

The Raja Ampat MPA Network Technical Management Authority (UPTD) conduct surveillance patrols throughout the conservation area to protect the region from any illegal fishing activities including destructive fishing practices (dynamite and cyanide), and other activities that violate the MPA rules. Patrolling is conducted by the UPTD patrol team which also involves the participation of local community groups (Pokmaswas). Each MPA is divided into sectors and each sector is guarded by a specific patrol team.

The patrol team enforces zoning rules and oversees the activities of fisheries and tourism activities in the Raja Ampat MPA network. Patrollers check on fishing boats and tourist boats in the MPAs to ensure all activities conducted are in accordance with the rules, and in the case of MPA violations, take appropraite action against them.

Illegal Fishing Vessels within Raja Ampat’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) undergo Investigation

During their routine patrols on the 5th of May 2017, the Kofiau MPA patrol team located two fishing boats that were illegally fishing within the Raja Ampat conservation area. Both fishing boats, a 4 GT vessel named Elsa and a 6 GT vessel name Pelita Air, were found in the waters near B...

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